Ghazalian Theory of Soul: A Psychospiritual Approach


  • Shumaila Mazhar Assistant Professor, English Dept, SBKWU, Quetta
  • Alia Ayub Associate Professor, Education Dept, SBKWU, Quetta
  • Sabeen Akber Assistant Professor, Islamic Studies Dept, BUITEM, Quetta


Soul, psyche, Al Nafs e Ammara, Al-Nafs al-lawwama, Al nafs al mut’ma’inna


The present study is an attempt to comprehend and gain an insight into the nature of the soul given by Ghazali. With his gigantic intellectual stature and an all-encompassing knowledge, Ghazali has exerted his influence on the Islamic thought for nearly nine centuries. Since soul is at the core of Ghazali’s philosophical outlook, so his study of soul comprises the study of its origin, its true nature, its return after body’s death, the purpose behind its creation, its union with body, its supremacy and causes of its pleasure and pain. Fundamentally, the present work focuses on the Ghazalian theory of soul and its intellectual roots with a brief analysis of the Islamic tradition which helped Ghazali to formulate his ideas. This exhilarating odyssey inside human soul will open new panoramas of meaning and contribute to the growing area of research on Islamic thought.






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