Review of Entries on Geographical Seerah in Urdu Daira Mua’rif Islamia


  • Nadia Mumtaz Ph. D. Candidate at GCUF


Anthropological Geography, Human Geography, Physical Geography, Tribal Geography, Time Geography, Holy Campaigns (Ghazaw’at), Holy Expeditions (Saraya)


In Urdu, voluminous books and encyclopaedias have been and are being produced on Seerah. Urdu Daira Mua’rif Islamia Or Urdu Encyclopaedia is one such work as it is replete with matter on the geography of Seerah. A lot of entries have been written on almost all the dimensions of geography of Seerah. The present article defines geography of Seerah, expounds its branches or dimensions and takes geographical perusal of the entries on geographical Seerah in Urdu Daira Mua’rif Islamia Or Urdu Encyclopaedia. While reviewing these entries, emphasis is laid on the use of geography, both anthropological geography, or human geography and physical geography employed in these entries. The errors which have unwittingly crept into these valuable entries are pointed out. The maps drawn by the modern Seerah writers in their geographical works are referred to, to highlight geographical impact of these works on the modern geographical Seerah writing. This article highlights two things. Firstly, the salient features of the land of Seerah or the land inhabited by the Holy Prophet surrounded by the people described in these entries. Secondly, the impact factor of these entries is also discussed.






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