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ABSTRACT The present study was aimed at finding out the best instructional method to create positive learning environment in English language classes. The research study has shown the differences between two methodologies, problem based instructional method and traditional lecture based method. The present study was an attempt to examine the achievement level of students. It was hypothesized that there was a significant difference between Problem Based Instructional Method and Traditional Lecture Based Method. It indicates that Problem Based Instructional Method is the most effective method of teaching that enables students to think critically, think creatively and regulate their behavior towards positive learning. Whereas the traditional lecture based method do not promote critical thinking, creative thinking and self regulated thinking that are essential for the mental exercise of a learner and for the enhancement of learning capabilities. The achievement level of students has shown marked differences. On the basis of significant differences shown by t-test result, the null hypothesis has been rejected and it is concluded that there is a significant difference in the achievement level of treatment and control groups. Students who were taught through Problem Based Instruction have shown remarkable results, whereas, students exposed to traditional method have shown poor results.

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July 1st, 2011


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