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ABSTRACT The Middle East Peace Process (MEPP) between Israel and Palestine always remains one of the most vital strategic significance and complex dilemmas facing by international community. For more than the past sixty years, Israeli-Palestinian or Arab conflict has been giving rise to regional instability and wars. The enduring confrontation has resulted in at least five major wars and a number of minor controversies and the source of two major Palestinian intifadas (uprisings). Many concrete international and regional attempts have been made to achieve a ceasefire and eventual negotiations on a more permanent peace. However, despite the international involvements, the deadlock in peace process is still there, due to frequent clashes between two nations. The main purpose of this theoretical research paper is to provide historical political background of Israeli-Palestinian conflict and to identify the main obstacles which hinder the smooth functioning of MEPP. On the basis of reviewed literature, the paper is divided in three sections; first part focusing on the brief but comprehensive back ground of the research problem, the second part deals with role of western powers in the MEPP, while a summary of findings for the process of peace would be discusses in the last section of the study.

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January 1st, 2015

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لارڈ آرتھربالفور،برطانیہ کا عیسائی وزیرخارجہ،جس نے اسرائیل کے قیام کے لیے۱۹۱۷ میں ایک اہم سرکاری برطانوی دستاویز تیا ر کی تھی، ایک ایسا کاغذ جس کے باعث مشرقِ وسطیٰ میں امن تب سے اب تک مکمل طور پر درہم برہم ہے۔دستاویز کے کل الفاظ ویسے تو محض ۶۷ ہیں، لیکن دراصل یہی وہ ۶۷ طاقتور الفاظ ہیں جنہوں نے اس پورے خطے کو گزشتہ ۷۰ سالوں سے آگ و خون میں نہلا یا ہوا ہے

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January 1st, 2014


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