Covid-19: Islamic Perspective


  • Syed Salahuddin Ahmad Prof. (R), Ex-Chairman, Department of International Relations, University of Balochistan


Divine Punishment, Fatalities, Screen, Sunnat al Allah


The place of origin or the causes of its birth matters least in divine system. Under the current situation it is impossible to predict how many causalities will occur in a defined geographical area or in the whole world in aggregate.

Physically in the whole world every individual cannot be screened despite the miraculous technological development that has taken place in the world, Covid-19 has affected all aspects of life.

Schools, colleges, universities, playgrounds, marriage halls, amusement parks, festival grounds have been closed to avoid spread of Covid-19. Even the Pakistan Cricket Control Board had to postpone the holding of semi- final and final Super League season V. According to a report in the daily Dawn national tally of Covid-19 was 227,254 and number of fatalities were 4680 as of July 5, 2020.1 (Daily Dawn, July 5, 2020)

Allah does not change His decisions or (Sunnat al-Allah) or His will2 (17: 77). No matter who the beneficiary or the victim is? He has no wife, no son and no relatives. He has set up some principles, pathways and rules, whoso ever willingly acts according to His ways and desires will succeed. Allah’s help, mercy and booty are divided among those whom He wishes.

At this hour of trial and tribulation, the Islamic community or nation shows resilience and adaptability to behave normally by facing the challenge as one united community or ummah.

Whenever a torment or calamity or disaster falls, it does not distinguish between the Muslims and non-Muslims, between rich and poor, between affluent people of the society and the downtrodden, and between the individual and community. The corona virus pandemic has hit hard domestic staff and attendants. The calamity takes its toll even from the well-connected and organized families.






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