Authors guideline

  • Ma‘ārif Research Journal (MRJ) is a peer-reviewed journal. The papers published in MRJ are based on empirical research, conceptual frameworks, literature reviews and case studies. The research papers submitted for publishing in MRJ will be reviewed by the Editorial Board and Referees as required by H.E.C.
  • MRJ is open for all papers falling under discipline related to Islamic Studies and Arabic language and literature.
  • Papers should be emailed to the Editor on the following Email address:

  • Manuscript of the papers should also be sent to the editor at MRJ office in triplicate.
  • Authors have to provide a soft copy on CD if required.
  • Papers should be written according to the standards and principles of the research work.
  • Papers submitted for publication should be typed double spaced on one side of the paper.
  • Manuscript should be processed using Microsoft word with font size of 11 with paper size of A-4(Left & Right Margin 1.5”).
  • An abstract of 200 words in English should accompany each manuscript.
  • Write keywords of the articles just after the English abstract.
  • Full name, postal, office and email address, telephone, mobile and fax numbers should be mentioned.
  • Please clearly mention the mailing date with your signatures at the end of the paper.
  • The name of the MRJ can be seen in the list of H.E.C. approved research journals on H.E.C. website at 9-4-2014(1).
  • The MRJ can be access on the internet at
  • References should be according to APA style (American Psychological Association):
  • Please send two copies of books or magazine for review.

Scholars are requested to follow the Transliteration.