• M. Karamatullah C/o Department of Arabic, University of Karachi.


In the ocean of possibilities, the best that can be extended to man as a man (the one that has start but not end.), and the supreme succour for him, is to arouse and stimulate him to the perception and consciousness of the significance and real aim of his existence in this world; by seriously expounding to him that the visible realm, whatever its nature and essence may be, is not to exhaust the whole truth; by strenuously driving him to settle in the credo and conception that what occurs to be conducive to his vantage and sui-generis (distinguished) status amongst the creatures is related but to the extra- cosmic or transcendental system of immense wonders and affluences. The only way for man and his sole business in this world remains that he may realise and heartfully embrace the heavenly or religious truth that was alighted to him by Allah through the sacred series of prophets, the last one being Hazrat Muhammad (may the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him!). But today, if on the one side the Divine guidance and enlightment for human life is kept before, and on the other side the general condition of man is observed, there is felt an inconsistency which is beyond the limit. It is found that the people, excluding a minor segment, are but an embodiment of all sorts of frails and frailties. Completely strange and remote from religion, totally bereft of spirituality or moral rectitude, they are practically trapped by the lure of corporeal and material things, wealth, luxury, power, prestige, celebrity, etc. And this all is about the believers or the Muslims; not to speak of those who are unbelievers, apostates and Godless individuals. Also, let alone the low-brows, plebions and vulgars, even the high-brows, owners of herculian mind and immense caliber, are not restless for the clue and clew to the mystery and scrapping nature of existence, nor are they to be disconcerted and tarnished by the imbroglio and imperspicuity that what is going to be the destiny of the stranded mankind with his pitiable plight in the pitch dark night of life. In this paper there is a reflection on the situation.






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